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Patent Pending

Title: Four-Dimensional Ethics Mapping Algorithm for AI Analysis with Domain-Specific Adaptations


Develop a dual-structured algorithm to assess and guide AI systems in ethical decision-making, offering insights into AI's ethical alignment within social structures and specific domains over time.


Addressing the need for ethical assessment in AI, this algorithm introduces a foundational four-dimensional ethics mapping system, adaptable for universal application and further tailored to specific sectors like healthcare, aerospace, and farming.


Algorithm Overview:
The base model evaluates AI decisions based on societal dimensions: Risk Management, Natural Laws, Liberty, and Markets. Additionally, domain-specific models are integrated, reflecting unique ethical challenges of each field.


Detailed Methodology:

  • Question Design: Develop general and domain-specific scenarios within the four dimensions.

  • Scoring and Aggregation: Assign and aggregate scores for both universal and domain-specific responses.

  • Four-Dimensional Ethics Map: Visualize AI's ethical stance within societal and domain-specific frameworks.

  • Temporal and Statistical Analysis: Conduct periodic assessments; apply statistical methods for reliability.


Crucial for AI systems in varied sectors, ensuring ethical integrity universally and within domain contexts.


This advanced approach in AI ethics assessment provides a quantitative framework for universal and domain-specific ethical guidance, aligning AI with societal norms and specialized industry standards.

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