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The Jericho AI system will provide citizens and governments visibility into internal government systems and impacts from current and future legislation. Jericho will also evaluate elected officials current and future actions with a rating against the moral / virtue / ethics baselines.

User Stories

Overall Product Model

  • Demand: Citizens throughout history have had to endure the election (or forceful entry) of well meaning individuals and groups where over time the positions of power become corrupted and nations descend into dictatorships and wars.

  • Inputs: Models of success and Federated solutions that push decisions and power to a wide number of people. 

  • Outputs: Reporting in each area to allow citizens and internal government administration to make decisions to ensure the long term success of a nation while providing the opportunities and capabilities to the citizens to ensure their quest for happiness.

  • Model Testing: Provide training and content for directional decisions for Budget, Legislation and Civil Servant Models. Testing would be specific events that would demonstrate a successful direction.

  • Compliance: Testing that sees a 85% success within the target space from Testing.

  • Business Value: Realtime analysis and directional value for government involvement and a movement to limited government that allows the release of the free market and wealth growth for the citizens of the nation.

  • System Reporting Recommendations: The Jericho AI will be limited to a directional approach only and will require a human in the loop to take action. The AI should NOT be given control to make and implement decisions within the framework of government.

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