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Integration BMT

New Brand Monetization Tools (BMT)TM will integrate donations and fees for Brand figures and their evaluations and alignment to their truth. Specifically used for rating the content of Brand Contributors. This product will be able to ensure alignment of those whom tell the truth to translate that to a monetization, adding an incentive that will ensure lying, cheating, stealing and harming others is minimized.

User Stories

Overall Product Model

  • Demand: Many Brands in the world today, both organizational brands, political brands and social media brands live off of the "donations" or payments more wealthy individuals or organizations/government provides. This payment structure skews the decision making of that brand such that they may participate in propaganda that is not in the best interest of the individual. Additionally, much of the interaction on the Social Media sites are void of value that can be transferred to those whom participate the most and are the most effective.


  • Inputs: BMT Application, Integration with Crypto Instrument to track transactions, and integration with GiDanc AI to verify the Moral / Virtue / Ethics of decisions across the application..


  • Outputs: On Demand Scoring, historical scoring and tracking, simulated responses to guide direction.


  • Model Testing: Scoring of protocols by humans and scoring of protocols by AI, consistent marks above 95% may be acceptable. This will drive the support for those Brands that maintain a consistent score while others are dropped.


  • Compliance: Development of a Compliance Methodology that would ensure that the AI is properly analyzing the problem - Utilize a Platform that would self report and provide alerts when compliance is off target.


  • Market Value: Individuals in the market place that see the advantage of removing middlemen that will skew decisions and thus the results.

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