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Next Spaces Scheduled for March 1st at 2pm EST (Click image below):

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​Proposed Spaces Agenda Timing for a 1 Hour Meeting
  1. Introduction and Ground Rules (5 minutes): A brief welcome, introducing new participants to the series' purpose and outlining the ground rules for participation. This sets a respectful and constructive tone for the discussion.

  2. Recent AI News (5 minutes): Highlighting the latest developments in AI, focusing on news relevant to safety and alignment. This keeps the content fresh and ties the discussion to real-world events.

  3. Weekly Topic Overview (15 minutes): Diving into the specific topic of the week, providing foundational knowledge, context and known research. This segment should introduce the key concepts, challenges, and why they matter, offering a springboard for deeper discussion.

  4. Q&A and Open Discussion (25 minutes): Allocating a substantial portion of the hour to audience questions and discussion allows for lively engagement, ensuring that participants can voice their opinions, share insights, and ask questions related to the topic at hand.

  5. Closure and Preview of Next Session (5 minutes): Summarizing key takeaways from the day's discussion and introducing the topic for the next meeting. This helps maintain continuity and builds anticipation for future sessions. 

Spaces Etiquette:

​The following are the expectations for this spaces:

  1. Raise Hand to Speak: Use the raise hand feature to request speaking time.

  2. Speaker Rotation: Speakers rotate to allow broad participation.

  3. Stay on Topic: Contributions should remain relevant to the session's theme.

  4. Respectful Dialogue: Engage in courteous and professional exchanges.

  5. Time Limit: Unless Main Speaker, all speakers should talk for 3-5 Minutes.

  6. Pre-submitted Questions: Users will have the option to submit questions in advance using the Posted Announcement the day before.

  7. Follow-up Resources: Provide additional resources for unanswered queries. Questions should be posted to the 1 hour Spaces in the timeline.

Second X Spaces Discussion - February 22th 2024 (Click image below)


Screen Shot 2024-02-29 at 12.39.21 PM.png

Final Thoughts

Screen Shot 2024-02-29 at 12.39.41 PM.png

First X Spaces Discussion - February 15th 2024 (Click image below)


Screen Shot 2024-02-16 at 3.04.38 PM.png

GiDanc AI X Spaces - Introduction!

Screen Shot 2024-02-29 at 12.35.47 PM.png

Final Thoughts


First X Spaces Discussion - February 1st 2024 (Click image below)

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