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AI Service

Similar Service as ChatGPT and part of the available public BOTs, but with the focus on rating content as noted here. Intended to be a SAAS service to help manage the metrics of long term compliance for a given domain. Paid service with monthly fees to token arrangement.

User Stories

Overall Product Model

  • Demand: Organizations adopting the use of AI will have a limited influence on the domain / moral / virtue / ethical models unless there is a measure and targeting of responses to a positive advancements. Building a knowledge base and ensuring the base is consistent and compliant over time will be necessary and to be able to monitor that advancement to the target area.


  • Inputs: Domain / Moral / Virtue / Ethical Models and ongoing feedback.


  • Outputs: On Demand Scoring, historical scoring and tracking, simulated responses to guide direction.


  • Model Testing: Scoring of protocols by humans and scoring of protocols by AI, consistent marks above 95% may be acceptable.


  • Compliance: Development of a Compliance Methodology that would ensure that the AI is properly analyzing the problem - Utilize a Platform that would self report and provide alerts when compliance is off target.


  • Market Value: Organizations that have domain needs would pay a month flat fee or by tokens.

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