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GiDanc will provide not only consulting services but will be focused on the development of new and advanced products on the new technology of perceptual maps for morality, virtue and ethical guidance within a given domain. These eight (8) products are in varied stages of development.



Michelangelo is to be designed to defend the individual it is paired with, where from a military perspective the system defends and protects the military personnel it is assigned with, where from a civilian perspective it will protect civilians through monitoring at a distance and defending the civilian in case of violence.


Jericho will be an AI system that will be utilized by governments to help ensure legislation and elected officials meet moral / virtue / ethics required to ensure the government operates in a federated manner.


GiDanc AI ChatBot

A tool embedded into the target system that uses the hashtag #GoodGuidance which would respond with a rating to the post. Integration into AI deployments to allow users to check the validity of posts. (This would be a secondary check to community notes.)

GiDanc AI Service

Similar Service as ChatGPT and part of the available public BOTs, but with the focus on rating content as noted here. Intended to be a SAAS service to help manage the metrics of long term compliance.


GiDanc Integration to BMT

New Brand Monetization Tools (BMT)TM will integrate donations and fees for Brand figures and their evaluations and alignment to their truth. Specifically used for rating the content of Brand Contributors.

GiDanc AI Controller

The development of a framework that can be integrated into any AI Model that will provide ethical/moral/virtue decision making, through time. Specifically focused on AI systems that are designed to be autonomous and independent.


GiDanc Student Class Predictor

Many schools and universities are challenged to not only pick classes that students will attend, they have challenges understanding the staging of classes and the hiring of the resources for teaching the class. This AI will be an ongoing monitoring tool that can help predict the type of classes that should be provided, how many people will be in the classes and the number of professors needed to support the class.

GiDanc WiFi Demand Tool

Many environments where there are concentrated people using WiFi, there is a need to predict the size of the router. There is a need to produce a tool that can monitor realtime the usage across multiple routers across a given timeframes that will help manage Wifi Router Installation and configuration.

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