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AI ChatBot

The AI ChatBot will be embedded into the target AI system. It will use the hashtag #GoodGuidance which would respond with a rating to a given post. Integration into AI deployments allow users to check the validity of posts. (This would be a secondary check to community notes.)

User Stories

Overall Product Model

  • Demand: The different social media sites have limited influence to moral / virtue / ethical models that can stand the test of time. As such, reliance on community notes or boards of trust can skew results. The citizens need a methodology and approach they can understand and can support regardless of affiliation.


  • Inputs: Moral / Virtue / Ethical Models and computational models.


  • Outputs: Scoring of content in the realm of morality / virtue / ethics.


  • Model Testing: Groups of people that have passed a predefined test will be able to score the content within a level of confidence.


  • Compliance: Development of a Compliance Methodology that would ensure that the AI is properly analyzing the problem. (Utilize a TBD for example)


  • Market Value: Customer pays to have a service, the service funds the maintenance of the models.

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