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Guiding You Towards the Corner of Good

Who is GiDanc AI(TM)?​ GiDanc AI is a technology company that strives to guide individuals, groups, governments and companies towards the corner of good. Our AI-powered platform provides personalized recommendations and solutions that align with your values and help you make better decisions. We believe that technology should serve humanity, and that's why we're committed to using AI for good.​ Join our community and thought leaders to explore the latest trends and innovations in the tech industry. Connect with like-minded individuals and share your ideas and experiences. Let's explore these new products and collaborate to create a better future!

Our vision of our lab sometime in the near future.


Greg Spehar

As an Aerospace Engineer from Purdue University that has received an International MBA from the University of Texas and Rotterdam School of Management, additionally was trained at 11 different schools across the US and in Europe (With just 6 credits from getting a Masters in Educational Psychology at University of Houston and admissions to the Portland State University PHD Program for 18 months), my pursuit of life long learning is critical to my success.

NOTE: With one Published PHD Paper located here.

Learned in 4 different languages: English, Spanish, Russian and German (Focus on English and Spanish)

As a successful Program Manager and Project Manager for over 20+ years building well over 50 different systems and solutions, my understanding of complex systems is extensive. This notion and ability to understand human governing systems and political systems has been a life long pursuit and in the past 15 years has become a side job and personal focus.

As a loving father and husband; my wish and hope to bring sanity to an increasingly disturbed world for my family, my friends and for my son and his future family. If the focus is clear, the solution becomes easy and the questions are then definable and solvable. In short, there is a WAY, I can see it and I know we can solve it.

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