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WiFi Demand Tool

Organizations that need to maintain a network of Wifi Routers need to manage overall Router Capability and management of hardware capacity. Once this approach is identified there needs to be a Compliance on the solution to ensure consistency and Trust.

User Stories

Overall Product Model

  • Demand: Development of an AI LLM model that would be a predictor around needed coverage for size and capacity for routers based on Student Usage

  • Inputs: Periodic data over time of # of students and bandwidth required to support that number by geo location

  • Outputs: Table showing by region the bandwidth demand by predicted student size based on campus students vs off campus students

  • Model Testing: Define model with different geo spots missing over time, ask the BOT to predict that demand

  • Compliance: Development of a Compliance Methodology that would ensure that the AI is properly analyzing the problem. (Utilize a TBD for example)

  • Business Value: Reduce overcapacity spending on Routers and Maintenance of those routers

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