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Super Alignment Fast Grant from OpenAI

Superalignment Fast Grants

Apply by February 18th, 2024.

Basic information

1) Your name

Gregory David Spehar

2) Your email

3) Collaborators and affiliation

Please list all collaborators and their affiliations here (including yourself).

I am the only collaborator at this time.

Working to establish relationships with GemTalk and University of Texas at Austin Research.


4) Grant type

Are you requesting funding to support a project at a university, a nonprofit, or as an individual, or are you a graduate student applying to the OpenAI Superalignment Fellowship?


About you and your proposed research

5) Short description

In <=5 bullet points, summarize your application.

  1. Innovative AI Compliance Framework: Developing a comprehensive system for AI compliance and real-time guidance.

  2. Systematic Inquiry Approach: Creating a method to assess AI's compliance against multiple strategic mappings.

  3. Real-Time AI Guidance System: Implementing a system for AI to evaluate and select optimal solutions based on predefined strategies.

  4. Ethical and Operational Excellence: Integrating moral, ethical, and operational excellence into AI systems, particularly in sensitive sectors like healthcare.

  5. Future-Oriented AI Development: Pioneering a holistic approach to AI that aligns with societal values and addresses complex challenges.

6) About you

Tell us about yourself (and any research collaborators). A paragraph or bullets will do.

Please describe past research and your best past work (even if an unrelated field).

  • Background and Expertise: Gregory David Spehar, founder of GIDANC AI LLC, with over 15+ years experience in Systems Architecture and Cultural Analysis. Specializing in the development of ethical AI frameworks and operational excellence in AI applications.

  • Collaborative Efforts: Looking to work alongside a team of experts in AI Guidance System, where our collaborative efforts can led to significant advancements in AI compliance and operational efficiency with a solution to a Realtime Guidance System.

  • Past Research and Achievements: Some years ago I was part of a PHD program that was looking into the development of Automation and Simulation for the estimation of development programs. For instance, the development of Generalized Simulation Models that improve the estimation and management of very large software development efforts. The PDH Candidate paper that I published is listed here:

7) Links

Links to an online profile (website, resume, etc.) and some of your best work.

8) Your research project

In a half-page or less, describe the research you wish to pursue.

Please be very concrete! Include milestones and expected output.

You can include links, and/or upload a pdf with further details at the end of this form.


Title: Development of a Systematic Approach to Inquiry for AI Compliance and Real-Time Guidance

Objective: Our primary objective is to create a groundbreaking framework that integrates a comprehensive ethical compliance system with a real-time AI guidance mechanism. This framework aims to ensure that AI systems not only adhere to ethical standards but also dynamically align their operations with these standards in real-time, particularly in critical sectors like healthcare.

Research Approach:

  1. Ethical Framework Development: We will develop a detailed ethical framework that encompasses key moral and societal values. This framework will serve as the foundational guideline for AI behavior.

  2. Real-Time Guidance System: The creation of a real-time guidance system will involve developing algorithms and protocols that allow AI to continuously assess and align its actions with the ethical framework.

  3. Integration and Testing: We will integrate the ethical framework with the real-time guidance system and test this integration in simulated environments, followed by controlled real-world scenarios.


  1. Q1-Q2: Development of the Ethical Framework in detail for Morality, Virtue, Ethics and Operational Excellence.

  2. Q3: Design and initial development of the Real-Time Guidance System.

  3. Q4: Integration of the framework with the guidance system.

  4. Q1 Next Year: Testing in simulated environments.

  5. Q2-Q3 Next Year: Pilot testing in real-world scenarios, particularly in healthcare.

Expected Output:

  • A comprehensive report detailing the ethical framework and its components.

  • A functional prototype of the real-time guidance system.

  • A series of test results and analyses from both simulated and real-world implementations.

  • A set of best practices and guidelines for implementing this system in various AI applications.

Relevance and Impact: This research is directly aligned with the pressing need for ethical AI systems that can adapt and respond to complex real-world scenarios. By ensuring that AI systems operate within ethical boundaries and can adjust their behavior in real-time, we are setting a new standard in AI development. This project has the potential to significantly impact how AI systems are designed and utilized, particularly in sectors where ethical considerations are paramount.

Links and Further Reading:

Additional Materials:

  • A PDF attachment with further details of the project, including in-depth methodology, theoretical background, and a more detailed timeline.

9) Connection to alignment and safety of superhuman AI systems

Please briefly explain the motivation for your proposed research and how it will help with the alignment and safety of future advanced AI systems.

Connection to AI Alignment and Safety: Explanation of Motivation

Our proposed research, "Development of a Systematic Approach to Inquiry for AI Compliance and Real-Time Guidance," is fundamentally motivated by the need to ensure that advanced AI systems operate in a manner that is both ethically aligned with human values and safe in their application. This research addresses two critical aspects of AI development: alignment and safety, in the following ways:

  1. Promoting Ethical Alignment: By integrating a comprehensive ethical framework into AI systems, our project ensures that AI decisions and actions are consistently aligned with human moral standards. This alignment is crucial in maintaining public trust and ensuring that AI advancements contribute positively to society.

  2. Enhancing AI Safety through Real-Time Guidance: The real-time guidance system we propose is designed to monitor and adjust AI behavior continuously. This system acts as a dynamic safety net, ensuring that AI operations remain within safe and ethical boundaries, even as external conditions and data inputs change. This approach is particularly important in complex, real-world environments where static rules may not suffice.

  3. Bridging Theoretical Ethics with Practical Application: Our research goes beyond theoretical discussions of AI ethics, offering practical tools and methodologies for implementing these ethical principles in real-world AI systems. This practical application is key to ensuring that AI systems are not only theoretically aligned with human values but also demonstrate this alignment in their everyday operations.

  4. Setting a Precedent for Future AI Developments: By establishing a framework for ethical compliance and real-time guidance, our project sets a new standard for AI development. It provides a scalable model that can be adapted to various AI applications, ensuring that future AI systems are developed with a strong foundation in safety and alignment.

In summary, our research is driven by the imperative to develop AI systems that are not only technologically advanced but also ethically responsible and safe. This project represents a significant step forward in achieving the goal of creating AI systems that are truly aligned with human values and capable of operating safely in a diverse range of applications.


10) Budget

How much funding are you requesting?

We generally expect to make grants between $100k-$2M.

(If you are a graduate student applying for the OpenAI Superalignment Fellowship, we default to our standard package of $75k stipend + $75k compute. In that case, you don't need to fill out the budget in more detail.)

Requested Budget

We are requesting a total funding amount of $1.5 million. This budget is carefully calculated to cover the comprehensive development, testing, and implementation phases of our project over a two-year period.

11) Budget description

Briefly break down how you intend to use the funds.

In addition to your mainline budget, it can be helpful for you to give a lower and an upper bound (what are smaller/larger versions of the project we could fund?).

Budget Description

Research and Development ($600,000):

  • Ethical Framework Development: $150,000 for research personnel, literature review, and expert consultations.

  • Real-Time Guidance System Development: $300,000 for software development, algorithm design, and initial testing.

  • Integration and Testing: $150,000 for integrating the ethical framework with the guidance system and conducting simulated tests.

2. Pilot Implementation and Field Testing ($400,000):

  • Real-World Testing: $250,000 for pilot testing in real-world scenarios, particularly in healthcare settings.

  • Data Collection and Analysis: $150,000 for data collection tools, analysis software, and personnel to manage and analyze test results.

3. Personnel and Staffing ($300,000):

  • Salaries for a team of researchers, developers, and project managers.

4. Equipment and Software ($100,000):

  • Necessary hardware and software licenses for development and testing.

5. Miscellaneous and Contingency ($100,000):

  • Unforeseen expenses, additional resources, and contingency planning.

Lower and Upper Bound Budget:

  • Lower Bound ($1 million): Focuses primarily on the development and initial testing of the ethical framework and real-time guidance system, with limited real-world testing.

  • Upper Bound ($2 million): Expands the scope to include extensive real-world testing across multiple sectors, comprehensive data analysis, and additional staffing for in-depth research and development.

12) Other funding?

Are you receiving or have you applied for other funding for this project?

No other funds are expected at this time.

Final notes

13) [optional] Attachments

Drop files here or browse

14) [optional] Other info

Anything else you'd like to share with us?

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